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Our goal is to make on our own strengths every meter of the island from west to east on foot or on bike. Doing the Transmadeira also gives the opportunity to improve your fitness and health. 

The road is the goal! It aren‘t to score kilometers, altimeters or tops. We will spend the day together in good harmony. With an open eue to the people who live n the island, the wonders of nature en with respect fort he often hard live oft he inhabitants.

Bike with helmet and SPD or normal paddles. You can bring with you your own MTB shoes, running or hiking shoes (not too heavy!) with good grip. Hiking clothing will be perfect. For mountain biking you will need cycling shorts, wind block or rain jacket. It is very important to bring sunscreen with you.
We recommend to bring a light backpack for the equipment, someting to eat and 1.5 liter water. De guide will provide repair materials and spare tires.

Daily routine
Every day at 09.00 we start at the Lokoloko shop and, depending the length of the daytrip and the weather, we will be back between 16.00 and 18.00.

You must know how to ride a bike and have the adequate physical and technical level required for biking and breaking on dirt and rainy roads.

Day 1 - Arrival and acquaintance.

Dinner we will have together to get to know the group and the guides. You will get information about the island, the people, the hotel and the trip. For all participants the right bike will be selected and stalled in the bike store of the hotel.

Day 2 - Walk from the most westerly point up to the plateau
Walk from the west point of the island to the plateau. Starting at the lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo (Alt.200m). With beautiful views over the west coast we walk through the fields and over footpaths to the levada on 600m. For 1 kilometer we will follow the levada and continue the footpath to Paul de Serra (Alt.1100m).
Total distance 13 km
Duration 4.5h
Up: 900m
Down: 0m

Day 3 - Bike tour from Plateau to Encumeada pass
We start on the west site of Paul da Serra (Alt.1100m). For 35 km we will ride several different trails, dirt and mountain roads, far from the civilised world, till we reach the east site of the plateau (Alt.1500m). De final descent to the pass of Encumeada is over the road with splendid views over the valley and the central massif.
Distance: 35 km
Duration: 4h
Up: 550m
Down: 600m

Day 4 - Walk from the Encumeada Pass up to the highest peak of the island
To day will be the most challenging day of the whole trip. We start on the pass of Encumeada (Alt.1000m) and pass the mountains to the highest top Pico do Ruivo (Alt.1862m). It is worth this challenge, because you will be awarded with a splendid view around.
Distance: 12km
Duration: 6h
Up: 1200m
Down: 600m

Day 5 - Walk along the highest mountains until the Pico do Arieiro
We start the crossing of the impressive Madeira mountains of the Pico do Ruivo to Pico do Ariero. At the height of 1600m. After 5 hours and 9 kilometers we will reach the second top of the island, Pico do Ariero (Alt.1818m)
The other parts of the TransMadeira route we will do on bike.
Distance: 9km
Duration: 5h
Up: 100m
Down: 400m

Day 6 - Bike tour from Pico do Ariero to Santo da Serra
To day the start is at the height of 1818m. The ride leads over a nice MTB trail. Later on we will ride along levadas. During this trip we enjoy the versatile mountain flora with pine trees, eucalyptus and laurel. The finish will be in Santo da Serra on a height of 700m.
Distance: 39km
Duration: 4.5
Up: 450m
Down: 1200m

Day 7 - Bike tour from Santo da Serra to Machico
On the last day we start with a climb from Santo da Serra to the levada (Alt.850m) to Portela. Portela is known for the magnificent view on the north coast of Madeira and the eagle rock. We follow our trip to the Funduras, an area with laurel trees and tree ferns. On an old road we bike to Machico, the finish of this TransMadeira tour.
Distance: 35km
Duration: 4.5h
Up: 500m
Down: 900m

The concluding and crowning this successful crossing of the island will be celebrated in al local restaurant with traditional Madeira food as swordfish and meat spears. And, of course, one or more poncha’s, the national drink of the island, may not lack.

Day 8 - Departure

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Price € 490 per Person

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