You probably came to this page because you know Madeira has some of the best riding from summit to sea level, crossing rocky trails, rain forest, root trails and eucalyptus forest, most of the time surrounded by magnificent sea views! To enjoy Madeira to the fullest be prepared for some of the most challenging trails and you will be rewarded with the best nature Madeira has to offer.


Biosphere Tour

A less uphill and more technical ride for those riders that don´t dispense the pleasure of some challenging trails!

DURATION: +/- 6h    DISTANCE: +/- 40km     FITNESS LEVEL: 2/4     TECHNICAL LEVEL: 3/4

Biosphere Tour

Explore Madeira with a variety of trails, while you ride down from summit to sea level!

DURATION: +/- 5h    DISTANCE: +/- 30km     FITNESS LEVEL: 3/4     TECHNICAL LEVEL: 4/4

Biosphere Tour

In Madeira not even the plateau is really flat, so be ready for some cool trails and some steep uphill rocky sections!

DURATION: +/- 6h    DISTANCE: +/- 40km     FITNESS LEVEL: 3/4     TECHNICAL LEVEL: 3/4