In this unique off-road route we will visit the Madeiran mountains to the north of the Island, along some of the most emblematic and nostalgic routes in the region. Let’s explore one of the most beautiful valleys, protected by the Pico Ruivo and the Pico do Arieiro peaks, an area which is only accessible on foot or with the use of all-terrain vehicles. In this valley surrounded by Laurissilva Forest, where the trails penetrate the grove, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the mysterious dwellings of ancestors such as the oldest trees that exist in this haven of Macronésia, recognised by UNESCO in 1999. And for lovers of Geocaching, it is possible to search for geocaches at stopping points along the route. This trail is undoubtedly one of the Island’s best kept secrets.
Conditions: the driver must bring his/her valid driving license

Schedule: Everyday in the morning
Duration: 2h 30
Important to bring: we recommend the use of comfortable/warm clothes due to constant changes of climate/altitude 

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Price € 130 per buggy